ClubWPT: The most hilariously bad online poker software ever

ClubWPT: When you only have the money to hire spokesmodels or programmers, but not both.

In an attempt to start playing online poker again and perhaps help find a better training tool for our readers, I recently tried out ClubWPT. Their subscription-based $19.95/mo model allows people to play online poker in the U.S. without violating any gambling or banking laws. Sounds great!

Instead of paying entry fees for every tournament you play, at ClubWPT, you pay a flat fee for as many tournaments as you want. There’s $100,000+ in real money given away every month in their tournaments. Sounds like it’s worth checking out!

But no… ClubWPT is not worth checking out! In fact, it appears the only positive decision they made was hiring Playboy model Alison Waite to promote them. Unfortunately, I think they also hired her to program their software:

  1. Windows Only – Are you kidding me? I had to install ClubWPT through Parallels on my Mac just to try it.
  2. Flash Based – Wow, they apparently found the last Flash programmer on earth and gave him a job… for a weekend. Their client takes forever to load, only selectively draws graphical features on the tables, and button clicks occasionally fail to register. It’s a complete nightmare.
  3. IE Only – Is it the ’90s again? Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are all prevented from working. Not because they can’t work, mind you. The developer just locked out all “non-standard browsers (circa 1998)” with pop-up windows warning you of incompatibilities even though your browser would work if not for the pop-ups. If you disable JavaScript to avoid this, the site just loads a message requiring you to install the Java VM. I’m trying to remember why I wanted to play on this site again…
  4. U.S. Only – Wow. Amazing. I’m an American, but since I’m traveling in Taiwan at the moment, I couldn’t even download the ClubWPT software until I installed Tor and started playing it through a convoluted proxy setup that routed my traffic back through 3 different countries and then into the US again. I’m not just in the 1990s… I’m also apparently a Chinese dissident now.
  5. 10 second timers – Taking a couple seconds to size your bets? Too late… your hand is already folded anyway! I especially like the brilliant “feature” that folds your hands on a timeout even if you’re not facing a bet. Guess I should have clicked “Check” faster! Thanks for the kick in the nuts ClubWPT. Nice touch.
  6. No games – You want action? ClubWPT has new tournaments starting up all time! Oh wait — you wanted to play for real money?? Never mind. But don’t fear, if you just wait 20-30 minutes, there should be another 300 player tournament with a prize pool of $20 or so for you to chop up. Wooo hooo! I just have to win 5 of these a month to win my subscription costs back.

In their defense, ClubWPT does have one thing going for it: Their players are every bit as crappy as their software. If the thought of slowly winning $1/hour by calling down manics who shove into 50% flops (just like TV!) excites you, ClubWPT is your dream come true! It’s also dream-like because of the nostalgia of having Internet Explorer open again.

So since we can’t use ClubWPT, I’m still searching for other online poker options. I’ve heard Carbon Poker is a good choice for US players looking to get back in action. I’m planning to sign up for Bodog too. What are other US players doing?

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64 Responses to ClubWPT: The most hilariously bad online poker software ever

  1. Dave says:

    If you like having money, I wouldn’t put any into Bodog. The feds just indicted several sports betting site operators and the indictment mentions Bodog, not to mention that one of the people turning evidence did a bunch of work for Bodog.

  2. Kevin says:

    I also had to install java in order for their website to allow me to download the software.

  3. Kevin says:

    >If you like having money, I wouldn’t put any into Bodog.

    Well, the precedent from the recent shutdowns is that the Feds allow you to have your money back after a possibly indefinite delay, right? That’s actually a pretty decent guarantee, but would still make me uncomfortable with an actual sizeable bankroll.

  4. Randy says:

    Agree with all comments, but would like to add that I was able to install using Chrome. In fact, with IE it failed. Hard to imagine how they coded this for Windows 7 only.

  5. Daniel says:

    Well put. $1000 tourneys 2350 players $150 1st prize? Joke. Whatever happened to the tv qualifier matchs

  6. jUSsU,GUY says:

    Suck out, suck out…SUCK OUT RNG.

  7. Wayne says:

    I recently joined this club,they have my info,I have a two week free trial,all I get are play money games,…nothing other than play chips,after 20 emails,I heard from them this morning,they said I have to remove their software and reload it…..I did,now I cant find it????…bad idea I think…I have one day left on my free trial,,,ha a stop payment (at my cost) may be needed and then a call to my att. general another HA,

  8. Will says:

    Thanks for the informations. I’m one of the on-line poker enthusiast who wants to get back to the game. ClubWPT promotes their poker site well in TV. I’m using Mac and was told via email that they only operate via windows. I hope you could post some of your best poker site that can be operated by mac and a user friendly like pokerstars and full tilt.

  9. Dave says:

    Try to get a rebate from clubwpt scam to cancel then keep most money if canceled on contract date scam or

  10. Joe Palmieri says:

    I thought I downloaded the software, but can’t seem to find it. Got instructions from “the clubservices”. Nothing worked. When I tried to log on my Internet Exployer gave me a message stating “trouble with the website”. So I never got to play. Maybe a blessing and certainly not worth the trouble.

  11. frank zayle says:

    The software appears to be or be a derivative of Ultimate Bet.

  12. MT says:

    Club WPT is worthless junk and a total waste of time. The software is the worst I have seen. The prize pools are a joke. $20 a month – save your money .

  13. eugene1234 says:

    I’v got windows 7 I down loded the program last MAY I’v had nothing but trouble ever since ! they have locked me out when I had money tournaments comeing up .I stoped playing them for a wile yhan went back threw my facebook page wow no tournaments so I stoped agine a few weeks ago I tryed agineI get in only to have my screan go waky on me all thease lines shreding up the picture than it would dissapear all together just with WPT nothing else is afected .They just sent me an E MAIL saying what REALY GOOD DEALS ARE COMEING UP HA I tryed loging on they won’t let me in my name or password is not right I don’t know what there doing but they will do it with out me I’m FED UP

  14. Disgruntled says:

    I can’t even load the software to find out how bad they are. They don’t reply to emails but they took my subscription in a hurry!

    As for the ability to get your money back from the feds for real money poker sites. I’m still waiting. Guaranteed by the feds? Right. The whole online gaming thing just kind of stinks right now.

    Have you seen the ClubWPT “winners” on the televised show? You know, the ones who won a seat to a live event? Reminds me of the fellows from “Deliverance.”

  15. George Stump says:

    Sad but true go to a legal state and play live if you can or ask around for a local underground game. I have found some cool places to play I lost over 3,300,oo with fulltilt and others and will never play again and hope they keep others from giving the money to set up games on these websites they all have computers playing and flopin the one outer you never see in a real game. By not playing on line your a winner already some of the best deals I have done are the ones I let go. So let go and run away from online gaming its all a set up joke.

  16. Jo says:

    Trying to cancel my membership right now. Hard time finding the place to do so. South Point Poker is at least free, no membership and better tourneys.

  17. bruce says:

    yeah nothing but issues…locked out with 24 hours left on free time, now it won’t let me in to cancel subscription….

  18. speekntungs says:

    My conclusion on Clubwpt is as follows. The US government shut down online poker for American players because they weren’t getting their fair share of the money. Of course, they made it sound like it was just because they frowned on “gambling” But in effect, what they have done is PROMOTE gambling by allowing Clubwpt to operate using chips that have NO face value. You’re not buying into tournies with real money…we are forced to use points that are GIVEN to all players for a monthly fee. This has changed the entire game of Texas hold em. Its easy for bad players to call off their entire chip stack while drawing thin because they
    really don’t lose anything in doing so. And the suckouts are UNREAL……I used to think pokerstars was bad, but now I know what bad is. The last point I will make is this. We are not allowed to play online poker or my mother can[‘t go to play Bingo in my state because the government says so????? All the while they run $300 MILLION dollar powerball lotteries while advertising poker on television ALL day EVERY day on the sports channels. I say piss on the government and piss on clubwpt.

  19. awconnor says:


  20. Jay says:

    If you like to see alot of straights and flushes on the river, WPT is the only place to play. I play alot of poker in a casino.. the real game, with a real deck of cards. and there is no way that WPT is a true random deal. But then again there isnt any online poker site that deals the cards true. If you join WPT to play poker, your in for a big laugh it’s so obvious. You flop a straight, and some idiot rivers a flush. They burn through a 500 – 600 player tourney in about 2 hours. The thing is, you really cant play the game it’s so bad.

  21. cecil carnley says:


  22. Rich McMullen says:

    This place is not only bad poker at its worst, the general consensus from several poker junkies playing there is it seems to be rigged (Just an opinion-NOT a statement of fact). The first two weeks you play here it looks like they let you win to hook you into letting them charge you the fee. This situation above all is very suspicious to me. After that it’s “Bad Beat City” – loss, after loss, after loss, unless you are playing for TPs “Tournament Points” only. When you play for TPs NOW all of the sudden the good players can win. I have consistently won while playing sit and go & TP tourns only to end up losing those points in games where a measly sum of cash is offered (Again very suspicious).

    As a player in tourns at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles I have a winning record but I only play occasionally as a pastime (I DO NOT play $40/$80 cash games there either, only tourns). I figured this (ClubWPT) would be a perfect place to get some practice in, as I am not a pro and have no real desire to be one. I play for the game mostly, but it is nice to win real money if you spend around three hours in a tournament. Alas, if you’re playing to win money you’re wasting your time here. It’s a membership driven site that seems to allow the newest players to win in order to get their money and then good luck trying to win after that.

    Don’t get me started on the software for the site but I will say it’s filled with bugs and shuts down often. The set up with 12 seconds to make a play “total” (Six seconds to a warning bell then six seconds til you’re folded), is a joke, but hey yer paying 20 bucks a month so what can you expect. The idiots that play here on a regular basis claim to win big money but I don’t see any evidence of this happening (No pros play here of course because you can’t really win anything). If you’re looking for a place to pass the time go ahead and play here but otherwise, as the NY Italians say, “FA’GET ABOUT IT!!” – R. McMullen

  23. realitypolice says: has decent software and lots of donkeys. A good variety of games, but not enough tables open for popular games ($1-$2 for example). I do seem to get sucked out on alot, but I am not one of those conspiracy theorists who always thing they are being cheated, just weak players staying in with terrible hands. Haven’t tried to cash out yet, so can’t offer a review of that.

  24. A.W.C. says:


  25. Mike says:

    I just signed up, and well, there is one more good thing going for it. If you want to get practice playing with the rediculous online players that go all-in with Q3, then at least you wont lose any money! Not sure why it seems those horrible players that play those hands ALWAYS seem to hit and crack my aces or kings. Ughhhhh. By the way… When am I supposed to get my $9000+ from Full Tilt?

  26. Bob hope says:

    10sec is plenty! I hate slow players! DUH!

  27. Da Nardello says:

    6.No games – You want action? ClubWPT has new tournaments starting up all time! Oh wait — you wanted to play for real money?? Never mind. But don’t fear, if you just wait 20-30 minutes, there should be another 300 player tournament with a prize pool of $20 or so for you to chop up. Wooo hooo! I just have to win 5 of these a month to win my subscription costs back.

    In their defense, ClubWPT does have one thing going for it: Their players are every bit as crappy as their software. If the thought of slowly winning $1/hour by calling down manics who shove into 50% flops (just like TV!) excites you, ClubWPT is your dream
    Still the same..This IS such a BAD site.

  28. HOLDENSWELL says:

    i had there site and won $10.00 on a freeroll , i wasnt a member. i uninstalled and tried to reinstall. with no luck yet……..

  29. tonia says:

    Like I say, “Never win a dime playing poker”

  30. Fred says:

    I play on Zynga poker and discovered that the dealer controls the cards that are dealt to you. It does not hurt the people on that sight because their is no money involved, but if Zynga can do it, so can all the poker sights on the Internet. I typed the dealer a message telling him this was my last hand and that he should do something creative. I folded 2 6 to see what he would do and he dealt me a full house 666 22. It was not a coincident and I thanked him and quit the game. Beware of all Internet poker.

  31. Charles Gonzalez says:

    The soft ware is bad. It is slow and unreponsive.
    Each hand is set up. Pocket pairs in all most every hand. Difficult to win with AA. Forget slow betting. Some little hold hand almost always wins. Nobody folds. And don’t complain to them or get too many points accumulated. That’s when the controllers really come after u. Bodog is the same. So is Carbon and for that matter any Casino(which is most)with shuffle master. The only real poker is hand shuffled. Playing on line or at a table, with a hole in the it, that has a “shuffler” is like running with ankle wieghs on. Unfortunately, it’s not even good for your game.
    I am also fairly certain that no custumer wins any of the cash torneys on WPT (or very rarely)
    Before I quit them, I was consistantely taken out by seemingly clairvoyent calls. I don’t mean varience. I mean one miracle card after another. VERY VERY FISHY. PUTRID.
    They have inside players or bots galore.
    The same is true for every game that I have played on line. I deal cards for a living. The game that I deal is a hand shuffled game. I deal 1000s of hands a week. These machines (including shuffle master) are a disgusting rig job,a disgrace to the great game of poker.
    No body cheats in the game that I deal. They know,that if they did, they would be caught- that it would become a matter of their personal saftey.

  32. b merrick says:

    I made the mistake of joining I wanted to have chances to win wpt packages. I am a web designer and know the guys that did this site are not professionals lots of bugs. your right about the quality of players too. now I need to unsubscibe

  33. Maria Arnold says:

    Woow, speechless… so doesn’t work this website, hope POKERSTARS come back soon

  34. Curtis says:

    forget that stuff above, the total 8 hours i spent at play (over 3 day span) got beat by bigger flush, bigger set, and seen more full boats beat str8s , than i can shake a stick @….it just seems lil unreal odds to me…+ u cant even chat unless u pay the bunch 20 bucks a month????i like the idea of some poker in the U.S.,but i fear this bunch wont be the people who make it happen 😦

  35. Bruce Hulick says:

    I’ve been using ClubWPT for around two yrs. with no problems. But it’s for entertainment only. You won’t get wealthy.

  36. swandog says:

    we all know clubwpt is bogas
    thats why after 1 month playing there i stop pay to them
    i played hard and got exactly back the $20 american to start
    now i play the free money site to laugh my ass off

  37. Heidi says:

    I am glad I found this page before signing up for ClubWPT, I won’t waste my money, thanks. I have been playing some poker at for a couple weeks, which is legal in the US. You may want to check out how they found a way to play legally, I actually enjoy the site and making money. I have not cashed out yet but they are based in Nevada so hopefully no problems getting my winnings. They also have free play with no credit card required, with more free tokens if you run out.

  38. It is now 2013 and their site is still horrible!! The poker room didn’t open in a separate window so I had to keep scrolling up and down to watch the play. And them the buttons didn’t work so instead of letting me raise it said I was sitting out!!! BAD, BAD, BAD….

  39. Charlie says:

    this site is so ancient I am surprised that we do not have to chisel our plays in stone. They need to raise the buy in to at least 5000 for their larger events to encourage better play and avoid the lottery with3500+ entries

  40. Phil Madson says:

    I was playing wpt about 2 months ago, and things were ok, I took 2 months off, so I decided to re-up for $19.95 and my credit card was charged $240.00 !!!! I was charged for a whole year, I was able to get somebody on-line to get my $$ back and they said they wont refund it..!!??They can’t do that can they?? legally.. Besides its just bad business, bad word of mouth is one foot in the grave, they are really blowing it!!!!!!

  41. KillMeNow says:

    I just finished playing a 10 person SNG that took at least 4 hours to complete. I am not FN kidding. We finally got down to the “money” when the #1 biggest dbag player who had gotten it aipf 3 times way behind and rivered a suckout 3 times to survive, hit a gutshot to bust AA. After that the blinds were 150/300 and I had a 3600 chip stack in the BB. The small blind limped, I shipped my stack with QQ got called by Ax and looked at an AXXXX board. So 4 hours of anal rape followed by 1 minute of prison rape. All to earn 1000 tournament points. Kill me now.

    The “players” on this site are patheticly bad, but what do you expect for “poker” where no one is risking real money. Aipf as a 70% favorite holds about 10% of the time. I’ve been beat by way too many runner runner suckouts when all the money goes in the flop to even count them all. I could win every coin flip for the rest of my life on that site and never even approach EV. The RNG is definitely rigged to induce action and make the game “exciting”. Not sure what the hell they are accomplishing.

    To summarize, the RNG is as rigged as FTP in the good ole days; the players are as bad as the Merge Network; there is no money to be won. If I could get my bank to process a deposit to any site anywhere I would play elsewhere, even if I was 1000% certain the FEDs were going to close it down tomorrow.

  42. STEVE says:

    Club Wpt is a joke..I was a member 3 months back and gave up after they UPGRADED SOFTWARE LOL) to some plastic looking graphics..The server is awful,buttons get stuck,lobby,tour pages..They all sucked..I had good winning %% in sit n gos just waiting on all inners with pock 2 and off suited cards..The timer feature is awful..Save your money boys,Atlantic City Nj will have REAL online gambling in next 6-8 months..All the big casinos,Trump Taj Mahal,Borgata and the other losing Revel will all be live soon..Tc hagd

  43. Mike says:

    Their software sucks less now. But there are still serious restrictions. You have play in more than one tournament at a time but you can only have two tournament lobby windows open. So you are playing the others blind. What kind of stupid restrictions is that? Still, the clicks sometimes work, sometimes don’t and they still kick you off if you don’t check quickly enough. The beep only works if theirs is the topmost window. That’s when I don’t need it. When I can’t see the window is when I need the beep and… TOTAL SILENCE! There are more problems. Just stupid design and implementation. This as of July 2013. They have had a LOT of time to get it right but they don’t seem worried about that. Hard to think anyone would lend their name to this low level of scholck. And tonight everything is down. Are they dead? Did they pull a FT and abscond? Time will tell…

  44. Marc says:

    Cry Some more

    • KB says:

      The only people crying are the ones that can’t get their hands on that TEN DOLLAR 1st and only place prize pool MTT.. SHHIT.. I got there a few times, with hundreds of players I won a few NLHE MTTs, and a PLO MTT.. HELL I even got a few 2nds and some 3rds maybe even a 4th or 2.. I rolled up many top 10’s and only recieved TPS for some of my efforts..but I didn’t cry..I knew I was getting I took those TPS and won a fukin WATCH you BITCHES!

  45. John Chatterton says:

    I’m enjoying WPT. Yes, I don’t expect to win any money. Yes, I’m concerned about the delays and downtime. Yes, the interface for Full Tilt Poker is miles better, but the players are much worse.
    But WPT is practice at tournament and ring play. And maybe I’ll win some credit toward a real tournament.

  46. Robert Rizzo says:

    I agree WPT is a joke the help is well no help and if you do not cancel a day early they well recharge your account. I have been watching the so called winners of the big tourneys what a joke. they are computer generated for sure and it is awesome when you get to the final table and your A’s get cracked your K’s and any other hand of worth, but the winner seems to get four runs to strs and flush a four of a kind and never played before. i know of I won 6K and a free WPT entry I would be happy no response to anything so you know just the the ARUBA site they are keeping the big tourney funds.
    BOB R

  47. Robert says:

    Mike Sexton better have got paid alot to promote the worst poker site (bingo site) I have ever seen. Hope he knows were liars and cheats go when they die. Wish I NEVER paid

  48. Charlie says:

    Mike Sexton is such a nice guy. Hope he bails on this incompetent operation soon. Maybe I give them too much credit for incompetence. Perhaps they are just simply crooks. Try to claim your winnings. They stall you around until they time you out. Why time out winnings if you are an honest operation. Hope the feds check them out and make them refund all timed out winnings. Not much per individual, however it is a tidy sum for them.

    • eugene1234 says:

      I won $5.00 one time what a joke I put it in a frame and hung the check on my wall so when I need a few laughs I look at it, if you are winning all of a sudden your link goes down some times you can get it back other times you cant , there is it seams something FISHY with this site ( ZEN ) I’ve been playing it for years and complaining yet nothing ever changes not even there excuses as for becoming a VIP for $ 19.95 or what ever a month just to get rid of those dam commercializes they run 24/7 it will never happen ! Rip off maybe Incompetents FOR SHORE !

  49. Mark (TexasTwister1 on ClubWPT) says:

    I have received all my winning just fine. You do have to go through a validation process first and claim your winnings. It is a cheap way to play poker if you just like having fun. I usually win enough every month to pay for my membership. It is a very frustrating site with all the suck outs that happen so often and most players think they are playing bingo. I simply remind folks after I get knocked off a table “never losing a dime playing poker – gl all” LOL

  50. Ed says:

    Thanks for all the input on WPT. I was thinking about joining to learn how to play poker but I will wait to go to one of the casinos nearby . I would rather rather gain experience playing with my own money. I learned to play table games that way so why would this be any different.

  51. George Stump says:

    played before there and it is a waste of money like vince van patton he got the job by his father who is an actor vince never won a tourney and sucks at poker he is like the kardashins done nothing but got a free ride off his father’s name. the other guy is good at poker and earned his place with wpt. vince van patton is a kardashin lol what a joke for a spokesperson with not even a college degree.

  52. Patrick Stahl says:

    Guess I just like to play and not get arrested. This is what we’re left with. Pot, gay marriage – we’ve got to be getting close to online poker legalization. It needs to be ignored by fed gov’t same way pot was. To leave this to states Mr Reid and Mr Christie will lead to nothing above board. I want honest poker on decent sites without the fingers of gov’t outside paying our fair share. If it’s inversion and our money going overseas – then make a stateside business mandate. Get those taxes. But let us play. I served for the freedom to choose myself if I play online poker or not and a helluva lot more than that. Butt out – don’t tread on me anymore!

  53. Chris C. says:

    One thing this site MIGHT have going for it is that it runs satellites to WPT tournaments.

    There’s supposed to be one starting up right now. Supposed to be. Unfortunately, it seems that with about 2,500 players, their site becomes unresponsive. It’s been down for at least an hour, and the tournament was supposed to have started 5 minutes ago.

    Smooth, guys.

  54. Bill Gibson says:

    yes this site and software it is a joke I won an entry to a trip to Florida spent the last half hour trying to log on to site no luck hope I don’t have as much trouble cancelling my 24 dollar a month membership


  55. John Hamilton says:

    WPT is still plagued with crappy setup and some glitches and you have to constantly scroll up and down to see other tabbed-window tables and make anything other than a fold, call bet or 1x raise.
    I won a monster even ticket from a satellite and the site goes down. I emailed support and hope too get entry into next week’s main event.
    I’ve won up to $35 in a month, though it is small beans to other sites. Payout is still in flux and can take up to 30 days to claim.
    There are better sites, but if you want a chance to make a LITTLE bit of cash, get a potential of satelliting into a bigger event, which could be televised, this is the place.
    However, if you want to win big overnight to get your buy-ins for live tourneys, which may be televised, go elsewhere.
    American politicians suck and so does this software…Flash? really?

  56. sky rocketman says:

    I am using Chrome and an iMac with a high speed router and can’t get the lobby to load. I have written support about 4 times now and they keep telling me to use Chrome. I asked them if my operating system (Snow Leopard) is too old for their software and they can’t seem to answer. I am losing faith in Mike Sexton and Vince VanPatten, they are the spokespeople for WPT and they should realize this reflects badly on them and the WPT. I never had this problem years ago when playing on PokerStars. I get the same problem using my Chrome on my PC.

    Now I am realizing that it is true that you “never lose a dime playing poker…guaranteed” because you never get to play in the first place because the lobby will never load. Don’t they make bank taking cuts from tournaments, hire some tech guys in Silicon Valley to solve the problems instead of hiring these minimum wage dorks that are probably in India. I have nothing against people from India, I have a serious problem with dorks trying to run software.

    • Charles Morris says:

      I am using windows 8.1 and they also told me to use chrome. I get constant messages about some rogue script on this site and my games routinely black out at the worst possible time.

      Sent from Windows Mail

  57. Ray says:

    They make a big deal of the $100,000 in pay outs. I am guessing it is less than 10% of the membership fees. I have search and cannot find out how many members they have.

    • John says:

      I stopped playing WPT a long time ago, because of performance issues. Now I use PokerStars, which has a membership fee in order to buy chips. So far as I know, there are no cash prizes, but if you don’t lose all your chips you can keep playing for nothing. The players are terrible, but I can try different strategies and practice my execution of same, so when I come in contact with live players I’ll know what to do without fumbling about.

  58. Tom Cicchinelli (taverntom) says:

    Has anyone had any security issues or identify thief issues with wpt

  59. D Dirk says:

    I’ve been playing free poker on line thru WPT for apprx 6 mths and they have started to block my play, Can’t play Omaha h/l at all and can’t find open games that are free. We all know the almighty dollar is most important to WPT.

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