Raising for Effective Giving

Binking one of the daily deepstacks at the 2014 WSOP.

As an effective altruist, I’ve written before about how passionate I am when it comes to identifying and giving to the highest impact charities.

So I was really excited this summer to join REG, the new effective giving group for poker players. In fact, I joined right before I shipped a poker tournament for a few thousand dollars at the World Series Of Poker. So I got a chance to immediately exercise my new pledge and give 2% of my poker winnings to charity.

And guess what? It felt amazing!

At last count, there were already 70 pokers players giving with me through REG. But you should still join. Everyone is important right now. This movement is still small enough that each new member makes a huge difference. So check out REG and consider joining today — especially if you make your living playing poker.

And whether you’re ready to join or not, their site certainly has lots of great content. Make sure to check out their posts about rationalityeffective giving, and everything else they’ve written on their blog so far.

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1 Response to Raising for Effective Giving

  1. Whoa! Welcome back! Are there any new posts in the pipeline? I knew leaving rationalpoker in my RSS would pay off one day 🙂

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