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23 Cognitive Mistakes that make People Play Bad Poker

Like other complex activities, poker is easier to learn when you build skills in the right order. So I’ve compiled the top 23 cognitive mistakes that make people play bad poker. I’ve listed these roughly in order of priority. In other words, if … Continue reading

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Watch some “TV Poker” online

If you’re completely new to poker, watching some TV poker can be a fun, entertaining way to learn the basics about the game. I recommend this kind of learning since it’s easier to learn when you’re having fun. TV poker … Continue reading

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Poker as a Transferable Skill

Several researchers have studied poker. Most of what they’ve concluded is that poker is a game of skill, not luck. Perhaps more interesting though is recent work that has been done on the transferability of the skills involved in poker. It appears poker players experience … Continue reading

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Poker Hand Ratings

Every poker site needs a page listing the way hands are ranked. If you already know the hand rankings, skip this post as it is here purely for reference.

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Knowledge of biases isn’t enough

Learning about biases is a great first step to becoming more rational, but ultimately, it’s not enough. Why? Because facts don’t change minds. To a first approximation, we actually never change our minds. So how do you expect to change the … Continue reading

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Poker as Rationality Training

Looking for the best known form of rationality training? How about a fun, addictive game you can play from anywhere that rewards you with more money as you become more rational? Welcome to online poker! Poker can be the key to conquering … Continue reading

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