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Hindsight Bias

Hindsight bias is our tendency to overestimate the obviousness of events… once they’ve already occurred. “I knew it!” is a common utterance at the poker table. I hear it all the time. Often it will be right after someone calls a … Continue reading

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Correcting Self-Serving Bias

Follow-up to: Self-serving bias in Poker We’ve noted before how self-serving bias can eat you alive in poker. Now we’re going to discuss how to correct for it. Yes, there’s actually a solution. It was developed by an online poker … Continue reading

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Self-Serving Bias in Poker

Self-serving bias – the tendency to attribute success to internal or personal factors but attribute failure to situational factors beyond our control. You ever notice how people who are late never say ,”Sorry I’m late. I’m lazy and irresponsible.” No. … Continue reading

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