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Quick Math Part 1: Introduction and Heads Up Win Percentages in Hold ‘Em

It is impossible to fully implement Bayes’ Theorem in all but the simplest circumstances, so we must settle for approximations. The key in most things is not to be exact but to avoid mistakes that can lead to large errors. … Continue reading

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Watch some “TV Poker” online

If you’re completely new to poker, watching some TV poker can be a fun, entertaining way to learn the basics about the game. I recommend this kind of learning since it’s easier to learn when you’re having fun. TV poker … Continue reading

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How a Betting Round Works

This is another introductory post for those unfamiliar with the basics of poker. It will be most useful for those who have never played poker or those looking to confirm their understanding of the game.

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Poker Hand Ratings

Every poker site needs a page listing the way hands are ranked. If you already know the hand rankings, skip this post as it is here purely for reference.

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How to Win Poker Chips

In every hand of poker chips are placed in what is known at the pot. At the end of the hand, the player who wins the hand receives the pot; if multiple players tie they divide the pot. In the … Continue reading

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